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1982 Mark and Melinda George move as newlyweds from Franklin, TN to Memphis to start Intermodal Cartage Company. In addition to a trucking operation, IMCG opened a depot/container yard to store, interchange, and perform light maintenance on trailers and containers for steamship lines.
1985 Opened second service center in Nashville, TN to support a growing traffic lane between Memphis and Nashville.
1990 Moved corporate office, Memphis service center, and depot operations to newly -constructed building which included a dock facility, located on 16 acres in southeast Shelby County.
1991 Opened first east coast service center in Jacksonville, FL.
1992 The second east coast service center was opened in Savannah, GA. One year later this location began to offer distribution and transloading services.
1993 With the purchase of selected assets of a Nashville-based motor carrier, IMCG’s total size was increased by 100% overnight. Also in 1993, a third east coast service center was opened in Charleston, SC.
1994 IMCG expanded west and opened a service center in Dallas. In the fall, IMCG relocated its container yard in Memphis a second time to allow for the expansion needs of its customers and to be strategically located within the rail community. This move allowed IMCG to expand its maintenance capabilities and to add additional buildings.
1997 IMCG opened a service center in New Orleans.
1998 IMCG opened service centers in Houston and Birmingham.
1999 IMCG opened a depot and service center in Atlanta, GA. Also in 1999, Memphis expanded its Holmes Road Depot and built a new Container Transfer Facility.
2001 IMCG formed a new company, River City Maintenance and Repair (RCMR) to focus on servicing steamship line customers’ inland trailer repair needs.
2003 IMCG purchased select assets of a New Orleans-based motor carrier to enhance and expand the New Orleans operations.
2004 Mark George partnered with Joey Frederick to start Frederick Intermodal in order to service trailer maintenance needs of gulf region steamship lines in the depot and at rail hubs.
2004 Added service center to Haslet, TX.
January 2006 Atlantic Intermodal Services (AIS) was formed to focus attention on east coast operations. Charleston, Savannah and Atlanta operations were folded into this company.
August 2006 Inland Logistics Services (ILS) was started to provide management services, accounting, payroll, and human resources to IMCG, RCMR, FI and AIS.
January 2008 With the expansion of trailer parking complete on the north side of Holmes Road, IMCG opened a new building and fuel station providing tractor maintenance and fuel for company tractors. This building also provided office space for River City Capital Leasing and Risk Management personnel.
March 2008 National Drayage Services, LLC (NDS) was formed to gain market share with a business model different from the existing operating companies. NDS would recruit agents in multiple cities with a smaller truck and customer following. Agents would gain the back office support and business structure expertise of ILS, but still control their own business.
January 2009 Gulf Intermodal Services (GIS) was formed to focus attention to gulf coast operations. Based in Houston, TX, the Houston and New Orleans operations were folded into this company.
June 2009 IMC Companies, LLC was formed and Intermodal Cartage Company (IMCG) became  an operating company based in Memphis, TN; Nashville, TN; and Dallas, TX under the direction of IMC Companies. Mark George became Chairman of IMC Companies Joel Henry became president of Intermodal Cartage.
June 2010 DNJ Intermodal Services joined IMC Companies, expanding services into the Great Lakes Territory with offices in Chicago and Indianapolis.
June 2010 Expanded to Kansas City, KS.
November 2010 IMCG purchased a truck terminal and 96 acres of property in Wilmer, TX strategically located 1.5 miles from the Union Pacific Dallas Intermodal facility.