Intermodal Trucking Company
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Vice President: Harrison Hoof

Address: 1102 E. Pleasant Run Road, Wilmer, TX 75172

Phone Number: 972-525-6251

About IMCG Dallas

Dallas, TX Container Drayage

The Intermodal Cartage Company (IMCG) Dallas, TX facility was opened in 2010 and provides a fleet of approximately 150 drivers, including company drivers, that proudly serve businesses in need of logistics and transportation services.

Intermodal Cartage Company Dallas is specifically an intermodal trucking and container drayage company that provides intermodal logistics and transportation services to clients in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. Including our Nashville location, Intermodal Cartage Company has five facilities strategically located across the South.

Intermodal Cartage Company Dallas is also part of the IMC Companies national network of local shipping experts. Our network of companies across the U.S. gives you the advantage of our local market knowledge, home-grown expertise, and national coverage. Our combined family of brands includes over 1,500 employees, 1,000 power units, 125 maintenance and repair vehicles, and more than 6,000 containers and chassis – all working for you!

Our Dallas, TX address is 1102 E. Pleasant Run Road, Wilmer, TX strategically located 1.5 miles from the Union Pacific Dallas Intermodal facility.

The IMCG Dallas facility includes:

  • 100 acre facility with 68 acres that are paved, lighted and secured
  • Bonded and secure facility
  • 6 interchange lanes
  • 1.2 miles from Union Pacific Railroad – DIT
  • Taylor top pick with 15,000 lbs capacity
  • Ability to stack 5 high
  • 1 Ottawa Hostler (depot use only)
  • 1 Fork Lift with chassis stacking capabilities
  • 20 Reefer Plugs
  • 1268 slot capacity for mounted units
  • Chassis storage area
  • Grounded storage area
  • Activity reporting is available including use of and all aspects of EDI
  • Current depot provider for various steamship lines including the GCCP chassis pool and Chassis Link chassis Pool
  • Onsite maintenance provided by Frederick Intermodal
  • Washout area

Directions to IMCG Dallas

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